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Our Vision and Mission

Vision: “To lead the transition to a low-carbon economy by providing clean and efficient transportation for everyone.”

Mission: “To create innovative electric vehicles mobility platform that are affordable, reliable and accessible to everyone, and to provide a seamless customer experience through sustainable practices and exceptional service.”

CEO Keynotes
Mysuri Biztech would like to be known as the transformist in public mobility. We will to be mover towards future sustainable mobility. Our current initiative for Decorbonization via EV technology of vehicle fleets, Digitalization enhancement of mobility application development for on demand solutions and also Reformation of human capital of our service providers to become more professional and efficient. This 3 pillars of initiatives will be the turning point of our public mobility...
Mohd Noor Ghazali


About Us

  • 2019
In the pipeline:
  • Digital banking
  • On Demand Services
Users Accumulate:
  • 10k Users
Sector Involve
  • EV Taxi
  • EV Charging Stations Operator
  • EV Charging Network Solution
  • On Demand Services
Collaboration Partners
  • Tenaga Nasional Bhd
  • MGTC
  • Perkeso
  • MDEC
Apps Manage
  • 6 App

Get to know more about us?

Mysuri Biztech is a start up Technology company in public mobility and digital economy platforms operator. Ventures in system , technology development. Inspired to assist SME’s to digitalizeb their entrepreneurship on our on demand platforms. We also the among leader player for EV technology adoption be it for mobility or for infrastructure and EV services. Click the link below in order to understand more about  us