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We offer different types of services


Mobile applications developer and operator


Fleet management system


Public transportation system and technology


E-commerce and digital marketing

Mysuri BizTech Fleet Management System

Full stack fleet management platform for all your operation, safety and compliance. You can check your trips, operations and fleets. Anytime, Anywhere

Public Transport System & Technology

Airports and transportation hub qeue management and taxi booking system. The user will seamlessly getting their public transportation vehicle systematically.

E-commerce & digital marketing

It’s difficult to tell the difference between the many sorts of digital marketing used nowadays because practically every marketing operation now takes place online. Digital and ecommerce marketing do not have to be mutually exclusive. To market a product and build their business, ecommerce websites might employ all of the following digital platforms.

EV Charger

EV Charging – ACFC charging, 22KW-120 KW. Suitable installation domestic use, Higher Institutions, Medical Center, Restaurants and Dinings and others.

EV Taxi Distributorship

Exclusive distributorship for Malaysian EV Taxi to service at transportations Hub, hotels, airport terminal ets.
MG 5 featured 52.5 KWh battery, can give you 214 miles(400km)
4,544mm Lenght
1,818mm width, height 1,513mm