Teksiku EV

About Me

Promoting Sustainable Modernization of public mobility via TeksiKu EV


Requesting for taxi service on Alladin My,
quite simple. Our TeksiKu fleet of taxis will be available most of the time. With a few categories to choose from Standard, MPV, Premium and 10 Seater vehicles and also Chauffer driven limousine

Teksiku Kiosk

With our TeksiKu Kiosk App, the travelers can simply
book a ride from the TeksiKu kiosk application available in the hotel reception and by typing their pickup and drop location and receive a ride just in a few minutes and go wherever they need to in the shortest time.

TeksiKu's Driver Development

1. Provides a dynamic E-Hailing technology platform complete with artificial intelligent, analytical and predictive analytics.

2. Additional program for Teksiku’s Driver to generate more income:

  1. EV Influencer program
  2. Vehicle Ads Space
  3. On demand Delivery services

3. Alladin MY Juru Pro Academy establishment to equip driver with more knowledge and self-development skills.

4. Promoting electric vehicle (EV) taxi usage and development in Malaysia aligned with our National Automotive Policy 2021

Delivery Runner Development

1. Establish Alladin Smart groceries chain

2. Introduce electric motorcycle for delivery rider as Alladin My unique
branding strategies